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This kit contains 10 lip balm tubes & caps, 2 pipettes, 1 craft stick for stirring, 2 rubber band, and 1.8 oz unscented all natural lip balm base.


Melt #1 - remove the muffin paper and place the lip balm base in the bowl.

Melt #2 - this is what will look like after 1 minute of microwave oven or 10 minutes in the double boiler. At this time, you can stir to let it melt completely.  Apply more heat if needed. Don't over heat it!

Secure the lip balm tubes wit rubber band and place them in a small cup or bowl.

Fill the tubes with pipette

Almost done!

Put the container in a safe spot (do not shake it.) Let it cool down and put the cap on. Enjoy!


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